Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ballet pointe shoe experiment #2

I was fiddling about with some brass jewellery stampings recently when something just clicked.
The brass stamping in question was a very rococco design and made me think of the opera and in particular the Paris Opera Ballet and bingo it was but a short leap (jetรจ) to connect them with ballet pointe shoes.
The brass 'flourish' looked like it would mould nicely across the toe or the vamp of a pointe shoe.
With some strongish persuasion from my hands and some pliers the pieces were sitting nicely and are now firmly attached with E6000 glue.
I used one of the pairs of used/dead Bloch pointe shoes I bought from a ballet school. They are so damned gorgeous I just keep looking at them.
Then I did another pair - black this time with a brass ribbon bow across the vamp. The black pair came from a professional dancer who has danced in many companies around the world including the National Ballet of Portugal and the Dutch National Ballet. So they've certainly seen some action.
Not sure what will happen next.  Mmm...
Have you done anything creative with old ballet pointes?