Friday, September 27, 2013

Current obsession - it's about time

I have a thing about time.  Not having enough, waiting too much, having to put things off or rushing about to get things done.  Nothing new there.  
So watches and clocks intrigue me. So do hourglasses.
A little while ago I found some vintage pocket watch cases - the insides had been taken out and there were cases of all sorts.  Some still have their hinged front and back covers and some are just a ring like frame 'waiting' for something to happen to them. I like the brass/gold coloured ones best.
Pocket watch cases are of course popular as a steampunk item so I was happy to find some at a local collectors fair at a couple of dollars each.  Much cheaper than the ones I found on Etsy. 
So with a goodly supply of cases I 'waited' until they told me what I was supposed to do with them.
The ones with the hinged covers still intact are great because they can still sit up unaided to showcase themselves as well as being worn on a chain or pin as jewellery. Little works of art on display.
I also have a thing about hares.  Those amazing creatures like rabbits but so much more entertaining. Mad March Hare and all.  I had bought a leaping hair button some time ago which was also sitting about until it told me what it was supposed to be doing.
I had a mental picture of the hare leaping across the open face of the pocket watch case like a hare jumping across the face of a full moon.
So it was interesting that my first pocket watch case revealed the word 'Moon' inside the back hinge. Meant to be!  But I am still working out how I want the hare attached. Waiting.
However in the meantime other pocket watch cases have told me their plans. 
The first one that came together involved a little lady in a ballgown.
I only realised it was Cinderella later on. She who waited on her stepmother and ugly step sisters, who waited for her life to get better, who waited for her handsome prince. For whom midnight was indeed a defining moment.
So here is Cinderella half an hour before midnight. There is only her, caught up in her time.
The next one to evolve was another female figure, all white this time. 
She looked like she was waiting for a bus or a date. 
I found her in an art supply shop at least two years ago - a little figure used in architectural modelling. She drew me. Rather pensive. Patient. Because she has no choice. 
This one stands up in its own right as well as hanging from a chain.

The next one was influenced by the recent debates about gay marriage. I had some other little train type people and these two men stood out. There they were 'waiting'.  'Waiting' for people to accept their situation. 'Waiting' for governments to decide whether they could accept their commitment to each other and whether they should be allowed to be married. They're determined. They weren't about to give in and accept anything less.  It was a 'waiting game'.
I had one really rusted case with only the hinged back intact and found an equally rusted watch mechanism which I inserted back into the case. I like that you can see through parts of it. Like looking through time. It's also about the machine, the one we are all part of. So I inserted some very little people into the mechanism. There they are like the cogs in the mechanism, part of the machine.  And waiting... 
There is also a lonely chap inside the back of this one. A little pay off.
Perhaps he has missed his boat aka 'time'. Perhaps he's just 'killing time'. 
I'm not sure this one is finished. It might continue to evolve.
I'm working on some others as well but the hare still hasn't told me what he wants done. So I'm waiting.

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