Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ballet pointe shoe obsession

Yes I have one of those too!  I'm obsessed with ballet pointe shoes. A single ballet pointe shoe makes my heart sing.  Many ballet pointe shoes make my heart sound like a choir with a full orchestra!
Worn ballet pointe shoes have poetry in them.  From the dreams and years and years of hard physical slog it takes to have strong enough feet to actually be ready to dance on pointe.
New unused ballet pointe shoes have promise in them.
Where is this heading?  No idea. I just love them.  Always have and can't see that changing.
I did the almost obligatory classes when I was little but when the teacher left our small town so did my dreams.
When I was a teenager a friend gave me a pair of her old pointe shoes which I hung on to for ages before deciding I was grown up and should part with them. Silly silly silly.
I have just spent a fortune buying pointe shoes old and new so I can indulge this passion for them. I want to look at them, understand them, deconstruct them, embellish them, make sculptures with them.
They're hanging from cupboard doors, curtain rails, on tables.  Mostly the varying shades of ballet pink which I always think of as peach, and a couple of black pair.
I would love to collect them, particularly vintage pointe shoes.  They absorb me.  Alas I will have to make do with photos.
Coming soon... pointe shoes! 

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