Monday, September 30, 2013

Ballet pointe shoe experiment

OK so I have 16 pairs of used (dead) pointe shoes and 7 new pairs. Almost an embarrassment of pointe shoes but that's clearly impossible. You could never have too many.
I've been studying them for weeks now. The fabric, the way they are constructed, the meanings I attach to them.
And part of me was itching to 'do something' with them or at least a couple of them.
And was very hard to actually 'do' anything to any of them because they are so lovely I was terrified I'd muck them up.
In the end, just to get my feet wet so to speak, I bit the bullet and decided to colour one with a Sharpie marker which is one of the many ways mentioned on the net. I decided I wanted to try purple even though I'd only seen people colouring with black Sharpie markers.  I was a bit concerned about the possibility of uneven colour. Black is probably easier to get even coverage although that is supposition on my part at the moment.
Well my concerns were valid.  The purple is uneven even after several coats.  My fall back position was always that I could probably cover over it in black if it was too awful. Which is probably what I will do.
And I should have done the colouring in a well ventilated room or outside because I wound up with Sharpie headache from the smell.
I'll let you know how it goes!

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